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FIREWHEEL high temperature thermal insulation are used extensively in all stages of iron and steel production. All types of plant ahieve enhanced productivity, improved metal quality and significant energy savings. These works include fully integrated steel mills, mini mills, production plants for speciality steels as well as heat treatment and metal finishing plants.


Fire protection on ships is of paramount importance. Even when a hull is built, welding work is a source of danger that must be taken seriously. To protect against this risk and a number of other requirements, from the final build to day-to-day operation and through to repair work, we offer a wide range of high-quality materials and products. Typical fields of application of FIREWHEEL products are welder protection, covering fabric, engine and exhaust insulation, and so on.


FIREWHEEL high temp. resistant products are used where work is performed at high temperatures in industrial manufacturing, e.g. in foundries. In the broad range of application for our products, from protective clothing to industrial furnace construction, you will always find the right solution to meet your needs.

Aluminium - Non Ferrous

Firewheel is the leading manufacturer of high temperature resistant aluminum products and specialties in the primary and secondary, non ferrous industry, as well as in rolling mills and extrusion. Our products and systems, such as fiber products, high temperature textile products will help you to improve the quality of your products, control your emission, reduce your heat loss.

Power Station

Reducing energy losses, the reduction of abrasion caused to pipe work and ducts by conveying pulverised coal, emission control and the compensation of vibrations and movements due to thermal expansion of flue gas ducting are specific issues within the world of energy and waste incineration. Firewheel products such as packings, ropes, fibre ropes, tapes, fabric expansion joints, gas tight seals, refractory fibre products, are just a small selection from our wide range of products, which we can offer for the power station.


FIREWHEEL products and solution could sustain and improve the reliability, efficiency and availability of thermal installations for Chemical and petrochemical companies. We have products, solutions and systems for the following applications heaters, furnaces, reformers, crackers, flue gas treatment, flue gas ducting, distillation columns, piping, etc.


Engineering, product control, machining, die-cutting and just in time deliveries play an important role in our approach to meet the needs of the transportation and automotive industry. Issues like the overheating of exhaust systems and particle filtration units, electrical wire and cable tree insulation, heat shielding, potting, exhaust gap filling, can all be solved using one of our specially designed products.

Food Industry

FIREWHEEL products such as PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics, PTFE rod, PTFE film, etc are widely used in Food industry such as Oven and microware drying belt, food baking liner, flour pan cakes processing, wrapping for plastic seaming.