FW800GN Resistant Weave-lock Fiberglass Clothing,green

FW800GN Resistant Weave-lock Fiberglass Clothing,green
Product Details

Weave Lock Texturized Fiberglass Cloth

Ref. No. FW800GR Weave Lock Texturized Fiberglass Cloth In order to increase the abrasion resistance and vary the stiffness of fiberglass cloth, we make weave-lock treatment by impregnating the fabrics with inorganic (e.g. acrylic) or organic (e.g. starch) resin together with certain pigment (if required), it will improve the anti-fray property of the fabrics and eliminate irritation to the skin while cutting, sewing and handling the fabrics. 

Cover materials for Tadpole seals
Insulation layers in expansion joints
Insulation mattress/jacket cover material

* Ref.No.: FW800GR
* Basic cloth: FW800
* Overall Thickness: 0.8mm
* Weight: 850g/m²
* Width: 1m,1.5m
* Color: Green