ENFELT Fiberglass Needle Mat

ENFELT Fiberglass Needle Mat
Product Details

Fiberglass needle mat

Firewheel Ref. No.ENFELT Fiberglass needle mat uses E-glass fiber roving as the raw materials while each strand is chopped into a 2-3inch fraction via the fiber cutting machine and further decomposed into extreme tiny blanket shape through the cotton carding engine. Subsequently, the needled fabrics are ceaselessly sewn by thousands of needles. It could be faced by FSL foil (Ref. No. ENFELT-FSK) to increase heat and light reflection  

--Subsequent to being dipped into the resin and next processed into lath shapes, the fiberglass blanket is applicable to building construction and gaskets of air conditioners for heat insulation and noise elimination.
--Subsequent to the laminating for aluminum foil and PVC fabrics on the surface and next being processed into straps, it is provide for thermal insulation and protection of cold/hot piping and underground pipes.
--Employed as heat-resistant, tensile, waterproof, anti-erosion materials including heat proofing of engine hoods, cars mufflers, and thermal insulation materials of industrials of industrial boiler sand being able to replace expensive fully-importing asbestos goods.

* Ref.No.: ENFELT
* Thickness: 3mm up to 25mm
* Density: 100kg/mup to 200kg/m3
* Width: 1m up to 2m
* Material: E-glass fiber roving
* Optional facing: FSL foil