FW800 Filament Fiberglass Cloth

FW800 Filament Fiberglass Cloth
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Filament Fiberglass Cloth

Ref. No. FW800 E-Glass filament fabrics are made of continuous fiberglass yarns, therefore it can be produced in many different kinds of weaving structure, and the surface of this fabrics appear very smooth and shiny. This kind of fabrics have the same properties of Texturized fiberglass fabrics, it is a ideal fabric for all kinds of finish treatments.

--All types of thermal insulation and protection
--Basic cloth for all kinds of finish treatment

* Ref.No.: FW800
* Weave Structure: Modified Plain
* Thickness: 0.75 mm
* Weight: 800 g/m²
* Tensile Strength: Warp 6000 N/5cm
* Tensile Strength: Fill 5000 N/5cm